Payment Policy
  1. General.
    1. This Payment Policy includes DepositFiles Recurring Transaction Policy located at, which is made a separate policy pursuant the requirements of payment cards organizations.
    2. Access to or use of certain additional services (i.e. Gold Accounts, extra DepositStorage etc., - hereinafter Paid Services) requires payment of certain subscription or access fees.
    3. By purchasing Paid Services, you agree to pay all account charges at the prices then in effect in addition to all applicable taxes and other fees that accrue in relation to use of the Paid Services, you expressly authorize DepositFiles to charge the payment method of your choice (your "Payment Method") for the Paid Services plan you elect.
    4. Paid Services commence being rendered since confirmation of payment.
    5. Multiple purchased Paid services are used simultaneously and are summed (e.g. you may use the summed amount of several DepositStorage plans with Gold Accounts advantages if properly reimbursed). Each purchase is valid since the day of confirmation of payment.
    6. Upon own discretion or due to technical reasons (i.e. your payment limitation or insufficient funds), DepositFiles may charge the payments in smaller installments on the condition of overall withdrawn amount being the same as set fee.
  2. Free Trials.
    1. DepositFiles may offer free trial subscriptions during which you may use the Paid Services for the time period specified in the promotional offer ("Trial Period").
    2. Free trial subscriptions may not be combined with any other offer and except as may otherwise be provided in the promotional offer.
    3. Free trial subscriptions are only available to new customers that have not previously been Registered Users.
    4. You will not receive a notice warning that your free Trial Period is about to and the paying portion of your subscription shall begin, however you shall be notified when being charged a fee by e-mail. You may cancel your subscription at any time.
  3. Refunds.
    1. The refunds are provided exclusively for unauthorized or accidental subscriptions and purchases. The payments for utilized services are nonrefundable.
    2. Disputes and/or DepositFiles service limitations not related to fraud or improper payment do not impact your ability to be refunded for purchasing unutilized services.
    3. Normally refunds are made within six (6) month term since the refundable purchase. DepositFiles cannot guarantee the prolonging of six (6) month refund term.
    4. Refunds are provided in the same form and same currency your payment was made (eg. by refund to the Payment card account if payment was by Payment card).
    5. Refunds are guaranteed only if subscription is made from a Payment card. Subscriptions made by means of other different billing methods (eg. mobile billing) or payment services providers (e.g. a variety of electronic money) are subject to policies and technological restrains of such methods and payment services providers and thus may or may not be refundable.
    6. Payment service providers may automatically reject payments or issue refund without your consent. DepositFiles is not liable for the actions of payment service providers.
    7. An administration fee may apply to the amount of refund to cover processing costs and third-party commissions.
  4. Gift accounts and discounts.
    1. DepositFiles grants and authorizes third parties to grant gift, incentive and discount coupons or vouchers.
    2. Only vouchers obtained directly from DepositFiles are guaranteed to be operational. In case of obtaining any DepositFiles vouchers from a third party, such party is responsible for their validity.
    3. Discount coupons cannot be used to further reduce the price of any already discounted services.

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